1.5 kWh 18650 Power Pack

My first car was a leaf, given that, the potential for success in developing low end, recreational electric vehicles was my newest obsession. I sought out cheap 18650 whole-sellers, landing me a $50 1.5 kilowatt hour pack! This little skeeter will get you upward of 25 miles on a full charge given moderate terrain. A BMS was added after a stupid failure to prevent over-discharge, impulsively driven by the cool feeling you get riding around on something you built. 49 batteries fuel this little guy, in a 7P 7S configuration, and 7 module BMS to match it. Charging is currently achieved through a 3 amp, 30 volt power supply. the pack has a maximum voltage of 29.5 Volts, 25.9 Volts optimal.